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It’s Time To Say Goodbye


It has been a long journey, one that began in 1955. Eight mechanics that were co-workers purchased a company named Air Parts and formed Aero-Engines Inc. In 1961, they moved the company from Glendale, CA to its present day location.


My journey began when I started working for the company back in October 1971 and at that time, there were 6 original owners left: Elvin McCann, Nickolas C. Mangel, Vernon Trueman, Paul Mangel, Gilbert Rivera and Narciso Monge.


Though I did not have hardly any mechanical experience, those guys were willing to hire and train me in all the different aspects of overhauling radial engines and so they did. Around the same time that I started, other individuals came aboard to form the nucleus of what would be the next generation of owners.


Nickolas P. Mangel had started in 1969, followed by Ed Stanwood, Robert Rivera, David Bowerman, myself, Tony Ortega, William Acosta and Bill McCann who arrived in1978. In 1980, we became junior partners in the company then became owners in 1990.


This journey has taken us on a long ride, meeting a lot of interesting people, befriending many and providing service to customers across the continental USA and worldwide too numerous to count.


But after the retirement on some partners, the passing of three others, it is time to say goodbye and begin a new chapter in our lives.


We will be closing our doors at 3:20 P.M., Friday August 29, 2014 for the last time. We will take the month of September to prepare for the auction of equipment, engines, accessories, tooling, etc.


The auction will be held by Starman Bros. on the weekend of October 3, 4, 5, 2014. For more information on the auction please visit


We want to thank you all for allowing us to be of service to you for the past 59 years. Best wishes to all of you and may our competitors and friends, Tulsa Aircraft and Covington Aircraft fulfill your future engine needs.



Yours Truly,


William Acosta Jr., Edward Stanwood, Otis N. Perera, and Tony Ortega

Congratulations to Mr. Matt Walker for purchasing the very last engine overhauled by Aero-Engines!
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